The experts aren't always right

I remember about six months ago the experts were predicting a steep increase in the price of milk. Now I’m getting my milk for $2.32 a gallon in Wal Mart. They were also predicting a scarcity of chocolate. I’ve seen no increase in the price of chocolate. And, for the big one, I remember many years ago the Wall Street experts were saying that there was way too much fast food in the economy, and we were due for a vigorous shake out of fast food chains. There was no shake out, and several successful fast food chains have come in to business since then. They’re all thriving.

Human flaw is always present and people love a little good sensacionalism to keep the media running

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What can be funny sometimes (with the right sort of mood and warped sense of humor), is to line up different articles and videos. Like on one side someone freaking out about how the chocolate market is going to collapse, and on the other side, someone freaking out about how the earthquakes mean the apocalypse is it hand. Priorities and such.