The community flags, yeah

where does this disturb your constitution> Are you that fragile?
I’ve been thru hell, do you not want to hear it because the mods will rescue you
from anything True, Right, Absolute, and totally Fighting For your life??
I wonder many times who’s running this site, and what your insecurity could teach us.

Just because you’ve been through hell doesn’t mean you get to treat people like emotional punching bags. We’ve all been through hell, and many of us are still going through it. You’re grown and aren’t currently psychotic. You know you talk to people rudely and have a horrible attitude, so apologize when you lash out and move on. You don’t have to grovel, but you don’t have to act like it’s always others who present the problems and never you.


is there an angry button.

Yeah, say what you want, you wish you would, but you’re too scared.

I’m not afraid. I never am. I’ve dealt with too much sh it to be scared off by a conversation, especially one as important as this. You need this place for support. We all care about you, but you keep getting banned. I’m not trying to be a bi tch, but I’m worried that if you continue down this path, your bans will get longer and longer. I don’t want that for you. I like you, you have a good heart. Please don’t allow your temper to mask that.


@Daze Do you live in the US? Here’s what you should do. Get off the forum for a bit. Go to Sonic and get a pretzel twist (damn those things are good). That’ll make you feel better.

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why because it’s all hatred now? who started this, and who followed?

Phil does not understand why I’m on here, they’re all crazy Sheri, what good is that gonna do for you?