The chicken got killed

I was 4 years old. It stuck in my mind that the farmer killed a chicken.

Yea that’s sad.

I once watched a clip on how they treat the chicken in KFC in the factories.

I think it was undercover person.

It made me really sad,…

Because the chicken were helpless.

And the guys were totally reckless. And then even laughing. Sort of disgusted me.

I’ve killed my own chickens. Raised and had cows and pigs killed. I think if you’re going to eat meat you should know where it comes from and appreciate it.


I live with a family that comes from farmers. After 10 years of being a vegan, I really learned to appreciate meat.

Yeah, we should always appreciate where it comes from. And respect the animals. We raised ours gently and free range. And did not over harvest. Used as much of them as possible.


@pretzel I didn’t mind my father and grandfather hunting rabbits or deer…but they would kill any possums they came across and it traumatized me…

It’s a horrible feeling when an animal that you know dies. It’s a sad world. I know I wouldnt be able to get it out of my mind if i saw that.ive seen and heard many things and I think that is what has turned me mad

A cat was about to cross a very busy road. As the cars zoomed by, the chicken held the cat back, and said, “Man, if you do that, you’ll never hear the end of it.”

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Could also be BAKED chicken! :wink:

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