The candle light ritual, peace of mind

I had many thoughts when I had my candle light ritual on this Friday. One thought was that the modern news channels deliver all kinds of news and images that may disturb our mind. During various conflicts this is more obvious and these conflicts seem to happen quite frequently in our world. Is the solution to maintain our peace of mind to stop receiving any negative news that are bombarded by different news agencies with their horrific graphic images? But is this just to be ignorant of events that are happening around us? We are just little beings in this ever changing world and the world powers just seem to do as they wish. I must admit that I have never participated in any demonstration in my life and maybe one soul, mine, does not mean much. But I am alive even after I lived over two years in my auto in Miami and elsewhere in America. I wish the world would be more peaceful, but again this might just be wishful thinking as I wrote 28 days ago in my candle light ritual message. The war in Ukraine had not even started yet. I started my candle light ritual in 1999 in America when I saw the extreme chaos that the war in Kosova caused to many innocent war victims, civilians who just wanted to stay alive. Why do we have so much evilness in this world? I do not know and I know I am not going to solve that tremendous problem. Life, peace and hope!


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