The butterfly effect/laws of attraction

common sense.
sometimes we can look back and think of"i wonder where would i be if i never____"

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I have all the Law of Attraction audio books. I use to believe in it but now I think it’s horseshyt. To SOME extent, obviously, attitude and focus can absolutely affect your life but there are many victims out there that I am 100% certain did not ‘attract’ that into their realm. There is some good advice in there but it can lead you down a path of ‘blaming the victim’ if your not careful.

Monarch the Butterfly

It all started in 1998, when I was in the Caribbean,
I had a book “Intelligent Agents” in which it was written,
“the move of the butterly wing over the Atlantic Ocean can start a
and so it all started with that great eternal spiral in February 1999
after the game of chess was played,
“show me a path from the eye of the Hurricane” by Scorpions with the
Wind of Change in the summer of 1999,
it started the new change wave in the world, which has continued ever
but what is the butterfly that can fly over the Atlantic Ocean,
it is you Monarch, you one of the most beautiful butterflies on the
earth, but so dangerous that nobody wants to touch you,
but was it I who flew over the Atlantic Ocean, the Monarch butterfly in
at least unknown people in Miami came to me and talked about some
Russian royal families - Monarchs,
It is only then you know that you can start some of the greatest
transformation on the Earth,
the greater than those already known on the Earth. But can you fly
again Monarch, it is you to say? Nobody knows - the future shows.


my mom’s Caribbean. so I’m cool.