That's it, my life is changed forever

Watching videos of Led Zeppelin on YouTube. I have the radio on in the background. Saw a good video of The Immigrant Song live from 1972. Then on impulse, I decided to listen to Rock & Roll. As I typed it in the search bar I could hear the radio. And Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin was playing!
Jumpin Jehoshaphat’s!
That’s it, tomorrow I’m quitting my job, shaving my head and moving to South America and starting a Capybara farm.


Mate. I wish you well with the Capybara farm. I’ll save up and come over and help you wrangle the Cabybara’s. I’m Australian so I can pretty much wrangle everything…

Coincidences are a problematic thing for people like us. It seems magical and leads to issues with thought that most folk wouldn’t even notice…Still. You have some good taste. Nothing wrong with Led Zep.


I love capybaras I support your venture kind sir.


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