That blah feeling

Do you ever have this I don’t know mundane and banal feeling and how do you cope with it? I’m not feeling anxious about anything, I’m not exactly depressed at the moment, but I just feel weird…out-of-touch maybe, or removed like my body is just going through the motions but I have no feelings one way or the other. Is this still depression or is it part of Schizophrenia? I’m not happy, I’m not sad…I’m not angry, I’m not content…it’s been a while since I’ve felt this way and I was trying to practice my writing but my mind almost feels mushy like…not the sappy mushy love crap, just like a icky bowl of mushy goop.

I’m used to depression, I’m used to feeling anxious, I’m not quite used to this feeling…and I don’t know how to ignore it because everything I do seems boring and pointless today and I don’t know what to do to shake this feeling. I’m open for advice.

Right there with you.

I have had that blah feeling too much in my short life and it’s horrible; maybe downright depression is better; maybe not, It does go away, though. I guess when this occurs; you must be patient. Go pour yourself a diet coke, lemonade or iced tea or even root beer. Something cool to drink always seems to help the blah feeling. It might help to read, listen to the radio or a CD, or watch tv or a movie. I guess anything to divert your attention from blahness. Good luck!

I feel like that when the negatives are starting to creep up. Before I was on Latuda, I was numb and wax coated.

I had no care or feeling about anything. I was disconnected and void. I tried to care, but never could. I sat with no will to move and no will to stay.

Everything was rust brown and the entire would around me had no effect on me. There was no happiness… but not sad either… just lethargy… no empathy.

It seemed like no thought seemed important enough or put together enough… in fact I quit caring about what I was doing or writing half way through doing it… what’s the use in it all… was what my mind would say.

I hate negative symptoms so much. It not depression… because that is a tangible feeling.

The flatness and lack of want or caring… It was just empty and erased. I do everything I can not to let the wax build up get me.

Good luck… I hope your just tired from your trip and Easter and a good sleep and recharge will help. I’m rooting for you both.

I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately. Drinking can help sometimes, but that is not a solution. I would try an energy drink.

I once that you were learned.

Now I know that you are useless in your “knowledge”

Dont bring drama to this thread.

Energy drink is just going to bring a manic phase and ■■■■ up your ability to fall asleep.

I should know.

OK we’re having fun right now… Cool.

I’m with manic.

A energy drink is prolly loaded with stuff that you don’t need.

Just eat more food.

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thanks for the replies. @SurprisedJ I completely understand, it sounds like lethargy. and can agree sometimes if it hits it’s almost better being depressed because that is at least a feeling.

I think I’ll watch that movie I’ve had from netflix sitting on my desk for the past two weeks. I haven’t seen it yet, but have been too mentally busy to watch it. Tonight seems like a good idea…bring on the dawn of the planet of the apes. :slight_smile:

I think helps that I’m not the only one who feels like this…like anything else in life…this too shall pass.

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Movie might be good. It’s good you came to that conclusion.

I get a bit flattened and numb after a busy time too.

I’m glad you’ve got a plan in place.
Hope you feel better tomorrow.

yeah it probably was the excitement of last weekend that’s finally catching up to me. Now that my body is back to a normal routine and all…probably just need to distract myself. I took my meds so hopefully that will help calm me down. I’m going to go now and watch the rest of the movie, it looks pretty good. :smile:


Today’s a much better day than last night. I have some good feelings inside of me, so I’m happy to be feeling something, and happy it’s a positive something. I worked on my story and actually tackled a scene I was having problems with and am happy with what I wrote. I did enjoy the movie I watched last night, so I’m glad that empty feeling has passed so quickly. Thank you all for the support and letting me know I’m not alone when I feel that way.