Test iPad app that seeks to treat schizophrenia


• Posit Science is looking for people interested in participating in a remote study
• Participants must use iOS devices (provided iPads, if needed) for the duration of the study in order to complete the intervention anytime, and anywhere they choose
• This intervention includes a neuroscience-informed computerized cognitive training, virtual group therapy sessions and social networking.

My name is Bruno and I am the principal investigator for the Posit Science CLIMB Study. I specialize in schizophrenia research and I’m posting to see if anyone on here would be interested in participating in a research study entitled “Creating Live Interactions to Mitigate Barriers (CLIMB): A Mobile Intervention to Improve Social Functioning in People with Schizophrenia.” This study is interested in how computerized training, group therapy and social networking may help people with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder lessen their symptoms. Our study offers an innovative approach in that participants can access the intervention from the convenience of their own home using their personal iOS mobile device (we will provide iPads for those who do not own their own device) instead of having to regularly travel to the study site.


Aged 18-60
Diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder and currently receiving treatment from therapist, psychiatrist, or primary care physician
Able to use iPhone- or iPad-based applications (you do not need to currently own these devices to participate)
No neurological disorder, major head injury, cognitive disability, or autism spectrum disorder
Fluent in English
No changes to medication in past 30 days
No hospitalization in past 2 months


From home
Scientific research
3 hours/week for 12-16 weeks
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I’m in the study, haven’t quite started the brain training yet, still waiting for the introduction to the intervention, that’s tomorrow.

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