"Tee hee, you had the power all along, Dorothy"

So simple! When I got my new Apple computer 7 months ago I tried to set up the email with outlook. I had to create a new email address which bugged my family. And then I made some error and locked myself out of my account. Well, to get back in I had to fill out a Microsoft “authentication” form. I filled it out twenty times and it never worked and I couldn’t reset my password to get in my new email account. Very frustrating. I had my old Dell laptop and got my emails that way but it was physically disintegrating; wires popping out and the screen coming off. I tried everything, it was impossible to recover my account.

Well, a couple years ago I wrote down all my passwords on one sheet of paper. Now I don’t need to do that because my Apple remembers everything. About a week ago, I noticed I had written down “Microsoft password”. I thought, “Wait it a minute, is it possible that’s the very password I have needed to set up my new email and link it with my outlook account on my Dell?” It was! I typed in that password and now I can get my emails on my MacBook. A seven month problem solved in two minutes. I had called Apple about 8 times with this problem with no luck. I tried to contact Microsoft directly. No luck. I called the Geek squad a few times with no luck.

I had the answer all along!


Computers are only common sense so why do we get so confused? A language barrier.

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