Teaching my chick to fly

Been giving Princess Pixel driving lessons every evening this month. She nailed parallel parking four times in a row tonight. Driver’s road exam on Sep 14. She’s already picking out a new stereo for her car, too:

Man, what happened to the five-year-old it seems I was just bouncing on my knee?!?

Off to bed. G’nite all.


How old is she …has she gotten any driving lisense !!! In our country one have to cross 18 yrs to own lisense …!!!

I think Canada is 16

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Driving is a great skill for our modern world. You have a car you get places…we don’t need Pixel…that is a good thing.

And…if your on the drink or something mrs can pick you up! Good skills.

My new ride doesn’t have a working stereo…I’m music mad but I don’t mind it…I often find myself singing random shite whilst I’m driving…It’s not a bad cop to have no stereo…but I wouldnt’ say no to one! haha!

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I think it’s still 16 here in California too. Back in 1975 when I was 15 you could get what they called a “learners permit”. If you were 15 and passed a driving class they would give you a permit that would let you drive a car if you were driving with a licensed driver who was over 21 years old.

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Yeah same here in Michigan

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She turns 16 in 4 days. She can’t get the license until she passes her road exam on Sep 14th.

The learner’s permit age where I live is 14. You can get your driver’s license when you turn 16, although it is restricted at first.

Haven’t been on the drink for over 25 years and counting.

@velociraptor @far_cry0 I prefer public transportation…
Take care…

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I live in a rural area with no public transportation. I walk to most places in town when I am not pressed for time and don’t have to carry something heavy.


wawwwww she is a true princess! :smiley: Happy to hear!! Good job !!

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Her mom is like Queen E and I’m more like Prince Phillip. :wink:


Ive never had to parallel park… i dont think many american kids would pass their test if that was on there…lol point canada…

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I had to parallel park for my driving test,

Ran over the cones and failed. Cried in the DMV for several minutes.

When I came back to take the test again, I only knocked over 3 out of 4 cones,

The lady doing the test said she didn’t see anything and gave me a license anyway,

I think they just didn’t want me to make a scene again.

Effective strategy…


To be honest…i ran a stop sign on my test… still passed… that may not say much about my driving skills…but it speaks volumes about americas driving test lol…

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It was in my driving test. I took my driving test a month after Crunk and his sidekick Oompa invented the wheel.
I passed my first try.

The very first day I got my license I got pulled over for not completely stopping at a stop sign. I was actually only doing what we call here the “California Roll”. NO ONE here comes to a complete stop at a stop sign. The cop let me go with a warning.

It was kind of interesting because it was a lady cop which believe it or not was uncommon in 1978, at least in my county.

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I was speeding during my driving test lol

Tbh I was only going with the flow of traffic lol


@anon1571434 What town/city do you live in?

I live in waterford

I live in Clinton Township, you’re not that far out.

Interesting. How did you know what state I lived in lol