Tea vs Coffee!

Which do you prefer? Lately I’ve been on an iced tea binge. I like it sweet but not too sweet.

Which do you like best?

  • Tea
  • Coffee
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Like tea but drink way too much coffee these days. I oscillate a bit as tea in summer is really good but most times coffee is the go too.


I like coffee all year round.

Warm coffee in the winter
Iced coffee in the summer


i decided to get a rooibos at a coffee shop one day instead of an espresso and i’ve never gone back

I drink coffee every day. I have since February 2010 when I was 19.

I like sweet ice tea but my go to is an ice coffee.


I like tea better I think, even though I always drink coffee in the morning. I drink it just to get my caffeine fix, I’m getting kind of tired of coffee… been drinking it for so long the taste it just… meh.

You count bubble tea as tea, then tea. If not, Starbucks.

A good great British breakfast tea is best . Don’t drink coffee much

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Iced coffee year round for me!


Green tea with lemon

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Coffee! Tea constipates me for some reason.

Caffeine free herbal teas is what I drink now. I get my caffeine from caffeine pills.

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