Tattoos ink

Show me yours :smile: or what you plan to get. Or if you hate tattoos tell me why :slight_smile:

I don t like the s just degenerated beautiful human s like the religions.religions made by human s stupid ideas which try to explain complex nature systems.religions can not explain truth facts instead it degenerated the truth and try to regenerate the meaning of truth.tattoos are like degenerated the beautiful human body and regenerate its aesthetic.

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Can’t show you mine, but they’re 2 of something about me that will never change. I designed them both, from years back, never knowing they’d someday fit for a tattoo.

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i want to get my sons name on my arm

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I have 6 tattoos :slight_smile: I understand why some people are not comfortable having them on their body. Luckily this body is mine.

Friend said it best the other day. I’ll let him be the bad cop.

“Every time I see a tatoo I just see a poor attempt to compensate for something.”

My response… I can’t quite remember. Something along the lines of… “I mean I get it, it can be art, I’ve seen some beautiful tatoos.”

I had a particular girl in mind… All her tatoos are blue… And it’s quite the amalgamate mix. But still somehow I couldn’t criticize them. Another lady, jessica chobot… Type in the right google image search and you’ll find a tramp stamp that’s pretty rad on its own but takes a real nerd to appreciate.

I don’t have any tatoos… Can’t think of any that would fit. One I thought of getting as a message was a pink triangle on one hand and a blue one on the other. The sign of bisexuality encoded. I was pretty upset at the lack of out and proud presence of bisexuality… Thought I’d facilitate. It’d do away with a lot of the gay/straight ■■■■■■■■ and give the mildly in-betweeners some wiggle room where they could be themselves and not feel slandered by simple minded shmucks dichotomous over simplification of true human diversity… Glad I with held though. I mean it’d set me up for a lot of awkward moments. And I’m not a bisexual anyway… Wish I was… Somehow… Am not… Think it’s cool though. I fucken hate hetero normativity… But on the other hand I have to sympathize with the people who hold that mindset… As sheltered as they seem they live very full and complex lives and should be left alone… So should every one else in that regard.

Jeeze… Yeah tangent there.

I don’t like needles anyway. First gf had a tat of the pisces sign on her lower right stomach… I certainly appreciated that thing…

Piercings can be cool too… Don’t like the overt face stuff. Nor the bull ring in the nose… Looks gross… Has a lot of carnal masculinity associated with it. Really I think it just pans out to be a visual distraction…

I like the crap that augments the natural beauty thay everyone has… That’s an art in itself.

Everybody has them, so youre not doing something unique…i just think theyre tacky, i mean literally everyone has them so its like youre just fitting into the stereotype and joining this big tattoo club.

I feel like its a devaluation of your body, and i think not having tattoos makes me more unique than having them does.

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Your body is really the only thing that you own… All else is up for grabs as long as you have the money.

This turned out a lot more negative than I intended.

I have one and intend on doing another for christmas, haven’t decided what yet


I will get some tattoos too.

I have a tattoo of birds on my shoulder similar to that one :blush:


If you get into an accident and lose a limb here you are not allowed to keep it, it becomes government property. We own nothing.

Some tattoos look good on some people, for me never liked them. I like clean smooth skin look, even for myself I hate anything on me, hate watches, rings, etc, even body hair bugs me. Not sure myself why I’m like that, but the brain likes what what the brain likes :smiley:


my friend got a tattoo on her arm and it was the inscription from the ring from lord of the rings, i like it but i would not do it on me, my sister got one and she had to get an even bigger one to cover it, tattoo parties suck too many amateur tattooist who really need to do something else

I have 3 on my left forearm. I love getting them more than anything.

Spiral and weird organic abstract designs that people think are flames at a distance. My friend did them when he was learning to tattoo.

An odd Leaf I designed that is a Sigil. I don’t believe in Chaos Magick but I draw a lot and making Sigils is fun. Mine is a reminder to have fun.