Tattooed by lightning

I just watched a very cool documentary about what happens when people get hit by lightning. Besides they’re really intense effects, such as boots being blown apart by the force and mangling flesh, there is a phenomenon where the lightning traced Across the Skin, there is a permanent tattoo left exactly in the form of the lightning

It was very subtle, but absolutely beautiful and amazing. I’m not sure I would want to get one, especially from lightning, but it was pretty cool



Where Is It?.

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It was a documentary on television. I’m sure if you Googled it, you might come up with some images. The one they showed in the documentary was of a guy who got hit in the lower spine, the lightning traced its way all the way up his spine and then branched off to the left and faded out in Little Fingers on his left shoulder

I think the show was called Dangerous Planet


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You do whatever you want sweetie, just posting an interesting show. Yes, I guess I could have posted an image but I just didn’t feel like it how is that



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I’ve known two people that were struck by lightening.

One I met while working at a doctor’s office.

He felt like he was always thirsty after the accident.

My doctor (the doctor I worked for) felt it was psychosomatic.

The second one was a guy I briefly worked for,

There was an article in the paper about it and everything.

He survived and had no problems after being initially hospitalized.



I did the Google. Here you go.


yea i googled it too… it’s weird huh…


@goldenrex that’s crazy, what are the odds

Pretty cool looking, eh?
(I thank my Canadian is showing LOL)


Yeah, they look like dendrites or tree branches.

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There’s gonna be a counter culture of people trying to get struck by lightning to get lightning tats


@lofifunk Twistedly hilarious… strangely, it’s probably true LOL

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It’ll be called ben franklining, people go out with golf clubs in thunder storms in the ultimate adrenaline filled body mod lol.

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I have a phobia with lightning :cloud_with_lightning:.yet I’m fascinated by it. :laughing:

Omg that’s freaking hilarious!!

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