Targeted cognitive training improves symptoms in patients with severe schizophrenia

Living with schizophrenia can be a real struggle. Treating the mental disorder is no piece of cake either, especially when 50% of schizophrenia patients don’t actually believe they are sick (it’s one of the symptoms). This is why a new study may be particularly important in this context.


I have exactly this. I dont think i’m ill while i’m stable

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I think he meant when they are without meds they don’t know that they are sick

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After being on meds so long, it seems after a month off meds the feeling is too strongly bad that I don’t think I’d ever be able to stop meds for more than 31 days again. After 30 days I get really uncomfortable.

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So you say 50% of sz are off meds? Do you think they were refering at people who go off meds? I didn’t read carefully that link

I mean when they are psychotic they don’t know that they are psychotic

Some schizophrenics have anosognosia. I sometimes doubt I have schizophrenia but something else because I don’t hallucinate and other stuff. I take meds and feel pretty good right now but in the past I suffered a lot. I know I have a diagnosis. I’m pretty low functioning and it is obvious when you talk to me I got something going on. But I look normal.