Tallest person on the forum?

I want to figure it out. But no cheating or lying.

Im 6’6” or 1.9 meters. I know im a freak. Can anyone top it? Ive hit my head on a lot of stuff


got me beat, I’m only 5’11"

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I am 5’10", but I am a woman, so maybe that counts for something. :grin:


I’m 6’3". Get called tall by people pretty often. I get freaked out a bit when I meet someone way taller than me… Like a taste of what shorties go through, I suppose, or maybe I’m not used to it.


I’m 6’1" on a good day.

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U wouldnt want to meet me then. My Dad is 6 4 and my mom 5 11. Being 6 6 is a gift and a curse. But i wouldnt have it any other way

My dad is 6’6" also.

My mom is 6’ and my sister is 6’1",

I’m the shortest person in my immediate and extended family at 5’9".



I am clearly the tallest at a towering 800 lightyears


6’2" you’ve got me by a mile!

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I’m 6’ the only person taller than me that I know is my dad he’s 6’3"

I’m 6’3 or so. Tallest in my family

I’m 5’-9"…I never needed more…haha

I think that @DatTallGuyCam might be the tallest.
But I could be wrong.


My dad’s 6’ 2 “. My mom is Japanese and tiny. Always thought I’d take more after my dad, but I maxed out at 5’ 7”. Still wish I was taller, but that’s not enough lol.

Now I feel short by comparison… I am only 6 foot 2.
186 cm

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I’m 5’11" but I’m a woman, maybe one of the tallest ladies on here.

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@anon54386108 :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’m only 5’10".

I am 6.1, so you have me beat

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I am 6’1” too. My Dad is 6’3” and my son is about 5’10”. We are getting shorter.

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