Taking a class

i took last semester off because i failed all my classes the previous semester so ive decided to take an online class this summer session. im a little anxious abot if ill be able to commit myself. im taking a class that i have interest in so im excited at the same time. i just got put on geodon so im hooping it can keep me stable to do well in this class. the class is macroeconomics if anyone was curious


That’s great, Kropotkin. School, while stressful, can be therapeutic when one considers that he or she is doing incredible things in life. I wish you all the best in your class.

Good luck with the online class. Also I hope that the Geodon helps you to cope well so that you can enjoy to study.

I wish you all the best, it has been 27 years since I took economics classes in the university, I liked those and I got the best grades.

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Best of luck! I hope you do well. :sunny:

Good luck! Wish you all the best

thanks everyone :grin: i really appreciate your guys responses

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I dropped out of last year of management degree as too stressful and I got breakthrough symptoms
I then went do bookkeeping which I didn’t like either
This September I plan to try again doing sociology and psychology if I can’t go into college I will do online
Good luck to you k

thank you, you as well

i like economics so im hoping ill enjoy school for once. did you get an economics degree