Taking a break from the forum

Just in case anybody wonders where I am. Logging out now in fact !


You’ll be missed.

Take care. We’ ll be here if you need us!

Take care @everhopeful

Glad your ok. I worried earlier that you hadn’t been posting

Hugs! Can’t wait til you return!

hope to see you soon

Enjoy your break @everhopeful

Take care @everhopeful.

Good luck with everything.

pm me if you need anything :slight_smile:

Be safe @everhopeful!

I expect some of your poetry on your return, I always enjoy it!

You’re always a welcome addition to the forum!

awww o k…I hope you still check in once in a while.

Oh man, take care @everhopeful.

Good luck @everhopeful! :four_leaf_clover:

You’ll be missed but can understand totally. Take care and see you later!

Take care @everhopeful. Look forward to your return

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