Taking a break from moderating (and likely the forum)


I’m burned out and taking a couple of months off. Please address all moderation issues to @jayster, @Minnii, @Rhubot, and @Moonbeam (including customized titles for your profile). For stuff regarding account deletion or that is beyond what a moderator can do, please message @SzAdmin.

I’ll be back in a few months, but I need to step away from this place for a while. :wink:

Peace out.

(Wearing pimpish looking hat with feathers)

p.s. The new mods may need some suggestions with @flameoftherhine’s titles, so don’t be shy! Remember, the weirder, the better. :grin:


Enjoy your time off! We will do all we can to keep @flameoftherhine on his sparkly toes in the meantime.

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Hope your break does you good. You’ve been doing a great job! :relaxed:

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The air around him sparkles, too. Suggest you lay in a supply of this:


Bye @ozymandias enjoy your time off…cya when ya get back…I’ll keep your new mods busy promise…


See you @ozymandias. I hope you feel less burdened soon and we get to see you again in the future.

awww dude…I will miss you.

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Hey @ozymandias you’ve done a fantastic job here as moderator. Enjoy your time off and we’ll see you when you get back. Take care!


as have you!!!..moving that one meta thread to lounge :slight_smile:

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Good luck to ya!

Totally understandable. Thanks for all your help moderating - and enjoy your break and the end of the summer!


You’ll be missed @ozymandias! Hope you don’t stay away too long, but looks like we’re in good hands as far as moderators go. Enjoy your time away! :blush:

You did a an awesome job moderating. Thank you :blush:

Enjoy the break!

Maybe have a great vacation for your break.

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We’ll miss you pixel.

Take care Pixel.

FAREWELL! Hope to see you back some day!!
spoken as [@ozymandias] trots off into the sunset on a horse with a cowboy hat on

We’ll trow you a party when you get back pix :grin: :grinning: Enjoy the summer!

See you later @ozymandias. Keep that sense of humor sharp. It was great having you here, see you in a couple of months.