Taking a Break from Forum

I feel my sarcasm and dry wit are being misconstrued…

Noticing my symptoms ramping up a bit. I’m out for a spell to re-group. No hard feelings. :wink:

PATRICK??? No!!! Your just having a bad day.

Do you have to?


I’ve had enough relapses (5)…to know when I’m sliding. I’m due for a break anyways.

@darksith? You’re in charge while I’m gone! :wink:

Saright? Saright!


I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. I think the world of you and hope I haven’t made things worse for you. You are an absolute gem and I hope you feel fit to rejoin us as soon as possible. :broken_heart:

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You can’t take a break from the forum. The forum will take a break from you :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better soon


i hope you feel better soon…
take care :alien:

Good luck. During your sabbatical I think I’ll take a break from Lounge topics. :sunglasses:

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aww all the best @Patrick hope you feel better. :cherries:

We’ll miss you - hope to see you soon.

Oh, hope you feel better… Won’t be the same without you.

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