Tagline change please

i would like to change my tagline to “let the good times roll”.

@ninjastar @rogueone @ZombieMombie

i only offer one kung fu kitty as payment

kung fu kitty

o and @ZombieMombie i still never watch rick and morty but on my road trip some guy had a bumper sticker with rick’s face on it and i thought of you.


Are these cats freeze dried in those positions, I wonder?

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it’s not me, it’s the exchange rate, one kung fu kitty is worth 3 cat pics, that’s what they told me anyhow.

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You forgot @Moonbeam

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o yes and @Moonbeam sorry moonbeam,

Gotcha. Ty for the kitteh. And you should watch!

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im getting old, it comes on too late, and im asleep most night, otherwise i would. and thank you for the change.

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Not a problem my friend.

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