T-shirt Design

Just a very rough sketch, but it has been a while. I could see this on a t-shirt, what do you think?


Looks good! Would make a cool t shirt nice statement

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Thanks @johpollck I think I might just do a more finished design on the computer and make myself a shirt, see if people like it

If I strike it rich, I’ll cut you in for a piece of the action LOL

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Haha! ok thanks :joy:

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I like the style. Keep it like ink. It’s cool instead of color fills.

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Good call @Kxev … maybe the globe is coloured, but the words are in ink? I want the world to have some colour anyway

make sure the W doesn’t look like an M…just change the block lettering…know it’s a sketch but I first thought Mar is obsolete!


@rogueone yeah, I noticed that too. But this is basically a child’s sketch for a rough idea. I might do several more finished versions, or find someone to draw it for me

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