SzAdmin, could not change my avatar

I tried to figure out how to send a private message, but could not find how. So I write here. I could not upload an image and reset my avatar. Help thanks.


Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and choose “Preferences”

Then you’ll see this page (see below). Click on the little pencil beside your avatar and then a smaller page pops up and you need to click on “Custom Avatar” and click on the “Upload” button beside that. From there you can choose a file on your computer to upload. If you don’t have a small photo of yourself you want to use or something like that - then search the web and choose a small image and download it to your computer first - and then upload it to our forum.

You go to your page, click on preferences, then you’ll find your avatar picture and next to it a pen shape as the edit, click it and you’ll be able to upload your new avatar…

Now it worked. I tried at first with Internet Explorer many times, but it did not upload my image, but then I used Google’s Chrome and it uploaded. Thanks.

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mjseu, it sure did. Nice avatar.