Sz and community

I didn’t really enjoy dealing with community health teams when I was unmedicated. A major issue I had with the concept was that they are there for the community instead of for your/ my individual health. It seems to imply that sz is more of a social problem than an individual problem, which it is not. Another factor is that too much concern for the community creates a type of political person sort of like a communitarian or a eugenicist that is trying to improve the health of society, but really that is a type of misguided idealism when in reality there will always be issues in something as large and complex as society that will have to be dealt with practically. Another experience that I think is common to szs is that the community health workers bully us a little bit knowing we can easily be trapped in a legal-medical situation, and this entrapment is often easy given that we are prone to agitation and other missteps. There is more to say, but to keep this short I think the situation can be remedied by reconceptualizing the treatment from community team to personal health individuals or something like that. I think if the concept changes then it would change the place on the political spectrum that the people represent.


Here they have no resources to impose this.

They used to be able too, but so many people are now mentally ill because of Tik Tok, the services are overwhelmed

Hash tag Me too and all that bull

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Chicken or the egg here? Is it making people ill or are mentally ill people gravitating to it?


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Regardless there is an epidemic of mental illness.

We throw out the cat with the bath water (Or how ever that saying goes) for Covid19, yet they expect MH services to just get on with it understaffed with the same resources as before

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It’s going to have less resources now. Every country with public healthcare has huge surgery backlogs to clear now. We’re at the end of the queue. The mentally ill are going to have to rely on themselves like never before in recent history.


Wow so true

I spoke to my mh Community nurse yesterday

She said they were extremely busy and she was covering for someone else’s position, it is swamped

Here we say throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Don’t know what a community health team is though.

Yea, I can see where you’re coming from @onepercentoff.

My experience with community mental health services was kind of caca doo doo as well:

They basically gave me the boot, the excuse being that since I had an “outside” therapist rather than one of their own, they couldn’t see me anymore.

Like, given the gravitas that is the schizophrenic situation, wouldn’t they just try to help the individual regardless of which therapist this person chose?

I dunno, so much for community :upside_down_face:.

But I digress:

As far as schizophrenia being a social problem, I believe it’s more of a social issue that requires help from all aspects of the community for better social integration with respect to all those diagnosed.

Schizophrenia should affect the community, because when one member isn’t doing so great, the rest of the bunch should pull together to help this person out— “a rising tide lifts all ships,” as they say.

…That’s my utopian version, anyways.

But you’re right, we are not a social problem, and shouldn’t be treated as such. I’m sorry you were made to feel that way— not cool.


No doubt its a social issue. But I rather deal with agents of an individualist society than a collectivist society. I didnt make it completely clear in my post but one factor that leads to bullying is that they confront you as a team; a single person may not be as provocative. Thats sort of the whole individual v collective logic in one example. Someone who thinks they are acting on behalf of the community or the greater good is turning sz into a moral issue when in reality it is simply a health issue. The conception of sz is individual but if they want to make it a community issue the teams should be working to address community issues that affect sz such as affordable housing, accessibility, inclusion, stigma and ostracism etc. Let community teams work on the social issues and personal health individuals or whathaveyou help szs.


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