Switching from Seroquel to Abilify

Yesterday was my first day tapering off seroquel and starting abilify.

I happened to catch a nasty cold the same day so that kinda sucks.

I’ll keep tabs here (also on my youtube vlog) about how the transition goes. Hopefully I won’t sleep so much and will be more energized on abilify (that’s the goal.)

If you’ve made this switch please share. Thanks


Good luck @thomas!
Abilify is a popular med.

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I switched from seroquel to abilify. I was unstable on seroquel and I’m stable on abilify.

Abilify will probably raise your blood sugar. I’m on metformin for that reason.

I found seroquel easy to tolerate but it was doing nothing for me. I find abilify difficult to tolerate but it’s working.

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Thanks @Wave hope it goes smoothly
My pdoc says it has a good success rate

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What’s your Youtube name, if you don’t mind me asking?

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The switch from seroquel to abilify has been on my mind too. Seroquel really knocks me out.

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I do a video series called Life with Schizophrenia. Hope you find something in it that maybe helps. I’ll be documenting my transition from seroquel to abilify here soon


Day 2. 400mg of seroquel 5 mg of abilify. So way too early to tell. I’m also sick with a cold.

I really hope it works and sedation is minimal. That’s all I want.

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Thank you. I see you have many likes on your first video and people in the comments appreciate what you’re doing. Even if you only help a small number of people, I think it’s worth it.


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If you want to follow my transition from seroquel to abilify you can watch at my youtube channel. Here is my first week update https://youtu.be/3QFrLllmHl4

Ethan Thomas