Switch from smoking to vaping cuts health risks substantially, report finds


Thanks. A friend of mine was claiming that vaping being less harmful than smoking was nonsense the other day.

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My electric puff puff helped me greatly for getting off of analog nicotine.

Lowered my juice strength over a period of time. Felt more comfortable. Until I was so low, the only thing I had to really fight against was the hand to mouth drive.

Flavors were awesome. Getting to experiment with tasty treats was always fun. I can see why kids are attracted to it more than cigarettes, but Iā€™d rather have them doing that then smoking.

I started at about 14 with smokes. Plenty of cigars in my day until 32. Then my vape from 33-37. Today Iā€™m nicotine free and very thankful to of had my vape.

Good find dude.

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