Swimming yay or nay

Bees show up late to everything

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I ended up just jumping in the hot tub for ten mins.

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I wish I knew how to swim… Makes me feel like I’m missing out on life

Night swimming is so nice you get all of the fun of swimming with none of that oppressive sun trying to incinerate you.

You should go for it bro

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I could teach you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol I might take you up on that one day!

Come on over… I’ve been wanting somebody to swim with.:grin:

Lol don’t let me drown now…

I would never let a beautiful woman drown. I’m a respectable man.:crazy_face:

Aww blushing… See that kind of distraction would be the end of me LOL

Haha valid point. I’d teach you in the shallow end though.

Ok! I’ll trust you!

Trusting me is the smartest choice you’ll ever make.

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I never really liked swimming because I’m fat. And I don’t want other people looking at me.


Not a dating site. :slight_smile:


Excuse me! We were just joking around! :unamused:

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It’s the last weekend before community pools are closed for the season in my area.

But then they open them to dogs for a few days before the pools are drained and covered. :sweat_drops: :heart: :dog2:



Swimming best thing you can do it for yourself. Especially in an eccentric fauna. İ used to love swimming at my childhood. After became a sick i hate swim due to some stupid paranoias. Now i m loving again to swimming… when you dive you feel like you are in dream. Sunlights little fishes… Moss with little flowers in it…everything so familiar and so strange. Just like a dream.:rainbow::sunrise_over_mountains:

That’s so cool!

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