@sweetpotatofries,I need a moderatur

I’ve had a dozen Earned Nice Topic notices that all refer to the same post I had posted quite a while ago. Also, old posts that may have not been read by me and I don’t even remember writing some of them, and they’ve all been closed so I can’t comment on them anyway. Is my computer just getting old? I’ve had it 4 1/2 years. What keeps bringing up old, closed threads? Thanks for your time.

I had that too, I’ve clicked on them and they went away, hopefully won’t come back now

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A lot of people are having this issue. Just click “dismiss” to get rid of the notifications.

Yes there was a system update. Just click dismiss and they will all disappear from your notifications. Proof you are loved around here, I say. :heart_eyes: @pretzel

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Ah, i had the same problem and your trickc worked. Thanks

I wish I had that problem too… :sob:
I love badges.

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I got really excited for a second when I saw mine. Thought maybe people finally cared about all the nonsense I post. Lol