Surprise surprise a food poll

What would you eat?

  • Coconut shrimp
  • Tomato soup
  • Ramen bowl
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Just coffee

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I just had chicken and beef from Ubereats.
They have 50% coupons.

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Excuse me, but your poll is broken. There’s no TACOS option.


Haha I don’t have the right ingredients

Well I went with the current top on the poll and am having a chicken pot pie.


Chicken pot pie sounds delicious but I’m dieting and it’s too many calories. So I picked the tomato soup, which actually sounds good to me right now.

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Chicken pot pie is my favorite of the options although the crust would have to be whole grain these days.

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I was going to say chicken pot pie, but I could not leave coffee alone.

What does ‘pot’ mean in relation to a pie? Is there only pastry on the top or something?

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It’s in a shape like one… with a top crust. It’s like stew covered with phyllo dough

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Ah ok cool

We just have pies in England

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Yeah… it’s really an American dish

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I’m not sure where that comes from. Crust on top and bottom

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