Supernatural (TV Show)

Are you watching the new episode of Supernatural? @FatMama?

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I am curios about something about your first hospitalization. If you want to I will gladly heard it out. You only got one right?

Don’t wonder why. I have my motives

What do you want to know? I’ve been hospitalized 5 times total, 3 were in 2018. But I am pretty curious as to why you want to know…

They were all psychotic episodes?

No, the first 4 were for suicidal ideation that was a direct result of my psychosis and possibly OCD. The last one because I was having voices tell me to kill myself and others.

I am about 4 years behind. Don’t spoil it.

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I won’t spoil it. Just know that it only gets better except for season 12. My least favorite seasons are 12 and 6.

I can’t remember where I stopped watching it. We had them all on the DVR but my wife deleted them. She said we would watch them on Netflix

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All seasons are on Netflix except season 14 which is going on right now.

edit: Oh I see the rest of your post now. No matter. They’re worth watching.

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Is it still on? I watched 1-5 faithfully. Season 6 lost me. The best part of the show for me was always the super cheesy motel room designs. Oh, and The Metallicar. Musn’t forget the Impala since I own one.


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Were watching it on netflix… On season 10 episode 10 i think

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Ahh i didn’t see the new ones!

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You guys have to finish, the show has gotten really good overall.

I am going to have to figure out where I left off.

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Waaah stupid Canadian Netflix took off supernatural. Grrr


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