Suffering from negative symptoms

I’m suffering from negative symptoms.
I’m not interested in anything, not curious about anything at all.
I try to make my apperance look nice, but I feel dead inside.
Nothing matters.
I don’t know what I’m living for, but I’m not even interested in killing myself, because I’m already dead.
What’s the point?

For me, positive symptoms were only temporarely, but negative symptoms are persistant.
Even though my life seems to be getting better, they are still there, trying to pull me down.

I’m on 7.5mg Abilify only plus 1mg Risperidon which is taken when only needed.

i feel ya same here

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I really do feel the exact same way as you. Others say it gets better, so im not quitting.


A lot of us are trying Sarcosine, a nutritional supplement, to help with the negative symptoms. You might try it. There is an advertisement for it on this web site.

Maybe it’s time for a med tweak or lifestyle change…


It may help to make an appointment with your psychiatrist and inform him of how you are feeling. Therapy may help as well. I have felt just as you described at times. Sounds depression. There are people who care about you and your well being. In theses forums even, everyone who posted in this thread wants to see you feel better. There is a sort of camaraderie here. Things are not always easy but they do not have to be so hard. Sometimes there isn’t much we can do about it but give it some time. Anytime you feel lonely or bored know that I and i’m sure plenty others esteem and value your opinion. Should you feel you need immediate help remember there are phone numbers were you can find immediate support even if it is an emergency number.


I see someone else is in the 7.5mg club. When I switched to 7.5 initially, I had to take it at night to sleep through crappy effects I used to get after taking it. Now that my system has gotten used to it, I’m going to start taking it at midday as it seems to give me a boost.

What time of day do you take your 7.5mg? Maybe switch to midday if you’re taking it at night.

Also, I have to take a benzo every now and then because of anxiety induced by abilify. This also gives me a boost in the following few days.

Thanks for your kind words,
I have an appointment to see my doctor on 25th, I’ll tell him how I’m feeling at the moment, maybe he’ll add or change my med.

I take the 7.5mg at dinner time, never thought about the time to take it.


It’s good to know that there’re ppl who feel the same way as I.

For a while I was in deeper negative swings then positive ones.

Everything was rust brown and meaningless. I had no connection to anything… no care about anything… no feeling about anything. I felt empty and inanimate.

I had no will and no want.

It was a pretty big shift in my meds that helped wake me up… and therapy.

The negatives are hard to get out of. I needed some help to get up and reconnected again.

Good luck, I’m rooting for you.


Its a battle. Just stay strong. I cannot.

Yesterday I went to see my doctor and told him about my situation.
He said it was probably negative symptoms, not depression, and see if I could get by with Risperidon which has been always prescribed to take when only needed. He priscribed 20 packages of 1mg Risperidon at once :grinning:

Although I begun to feel better since Wednesday. Something’s lifted my mood, and everything around me stareted to breathe again. And I realized that what makes life beautiful are little things around me, which is the best thing. I regained the power of feeling happiness again.

At the same time, I felt this illness scary once again, because it takes all the power to feel happiness from you. But when I spiral down to these negative symptoms again, I’ll say to myself, “well, there he goes again. How much Rispesidon do you want, Sir?”

I’m so glad your feeling better… I hate the cut off… flat numb feeling of the negatives.

It makes me feel so cut off and it really makes me feel physically heavy… I can hardly move it makes me feel so numb and dead inside.

I fear the negative wax build up more then the positive glitches.

Glad your doing well bananatto,keep it up