Study links genes with function across the human brain

Study links genes with function across the human brain

Many psychiatric disorders have genetic causes, but the exact mechanism of how genes influence higher brain function remains a mystery. A new study provides a map linking the genetic signature of functions across the human brain, a tool that may provide new targets for future treatments.

Led by Bratislav Misic, a researcher at The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) of McGill University, a group of scientists performed machine learning analysis of two Open Science datasets: the gene expression atlas from the Allen Human Brain Atlas and the functional association map from Neurosynth. This allowed them to find associations between gene expression patterns and functional brain tasks such as memory, attention, and mood.

Interestingly, the team found a clear genetic signal that separated cognitive processes, like attention, from more affective processes, like fear. This separation can be traced to gene expression in specific cell types and molecular pathways, offering key insights for future research into psychiatric disorders. Cognition, for example, was linked more to the gene signatures of inhibitory or excitatory neurons. Affective processes, however, were linked to support cells such as microglia and astrocytes, supporting a theory that inflammation of these cells is a risk factor in mental illness. The genetic signature related to affect was centred on a brain region called the anterior cingulate cortex, which has been shown to be vulnerable in mental illness.

Published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour on March 25, 2021, this study draws a direct link between gene expression and higher brain function, by mapping gene signatures to functional processes across the human brain.

“In this work we found molecular signatures of different psychological processes,” says Misic. “This is exciting because it provides a first step to understand how human thoughts and emotions arise from specific genes, biological pathways and cell types.”


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I’ve heard of this before that neuroinflammation may cause symptoms of mental illness. I take Abilfy and believe it has neuro -protective benefits. I say this because my judgment and my memory have improved while on it. I can’t say I’m back to the way I was before I became ill but after suffering several bouts of psychosis, I’m happy to say that my brain is functioning better than it did while psychotic. I have taken Abilify for three years continually now. My brain’s function has improved slowly but surely. I work now as a teacher online. It has helped that my brain is functioning much better. But, I still have to focus really hard to remember things that I did not pay attention to memorizing. But, I attribute this to my age more than my illness. I think that it is important to take my medication because it does help with my cognitive abilities. I can attest that the reason I’m able to work/teach is because my brain is functioning better than it used to. I teach healthcare professionals who are not easy to please and are serious about their learning. I know if I am incoherent or discombobulated in some way, they will pick up on this and complain about me. But, so far, all is well!!

Although it is impossible to diagnosing a disease of any kind embodied in the psychological /biological nature of the person,the impossible of diagnosing a cause (any cause),the impossible of discovering the mechanisms responsible for inducing the change,disorder that leads to the emergence of the symptoms that be felt internally by the person or even the symptoms that be diagnosed by the Dr.,

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