Stressed out from work

I had to clock in at 10:45am and when I got there I could tell my coworkers were stressed . It wasn’t super busy but my coworker told me it was slammed all morning. Then I got on and was put on the ovens and suddenly we got a bunch of large delivery orders so I was making food non stop and my coworkers were crowding me trying to help me package the orders too which is what they’re supposed to do but it’s an extremely small space and I almost flipped out when i was completely surrounded and touching people. I said “I am too crowded.” Which is all I could figure out how to say because I get verbal shut downs too.

Also they’re usually very good at giving a short break every two hrs but today I went 4 hrs of non stop hot ovens when it’s 90 degrees outside and people crowding me off and on.

And at one point we only had 3 people clocked in so I was expected to juggle multiple positions. I ended up slowing down at that point, I’m not going to go fast and get way too stressed over Starbucks.

It was a relief when I was moved to making drinks.


Yea it for best you don’t overstress yourself for work considering stress isn’t best thing for someone who has a mental illness.


I did way too much today and I feel like I’m gonna explode. I am trying meditation and it’s helping. Just way too much sensory crap


I thought you were done with Starbucks @Grookey. Sending whatever good vibes I can your way.


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I did actually quit but my manager called me and talked me through it. But then later I heard she made all the disabled employees feel the way I did and a couple did actually quit. She doesn’t understand what disability truly means

I’m so glad you were able to work something out - financial stress on top of everything else is a killer.

Sounds like Starbucks has a good employee. It gives them more incentive to keep you and maybe be more lenient if you need to take time off for your recovery.

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