Stress bucket

what can you do to empty your stress bucket

I try to relaxe. Drawing makes me relaxed.

When it all gets to much I visualize a big empty box that I place one by one the problems I don’t need to deal with until later. After I dump everything from my head into that box, I carefully put the lid on tight, wrap a ribbon around it and make a big bow.
Then I place that Box high upon a shelf in a back room, and tell myself I don’t have to think about the box until later. Then I give myself permission to forget about it for now.

Long term stress like a chore list I do one thing, and leave the apartment. Then come back and do one thing more.

Short term stress like a triggering event… If I can, I take a long bath with head phones on.

Swim, paddle out an sit on my surf board just looking at the land far away. One Dr. suggested meditation. At first that was too much. Being alone with a screaming head circus? But as some of the voices have faded and about three of them I think are gone, the idea of being alone with my head circus gets easier. Plus I have spaces in my head that I can sit in.

i actually dont know how to get rid of stress.

I do art and read and write to get rid of my stress.

i just look at a view and the beauty of nature.
take care

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