Strange things that have happened

No wonder I have developed this great paranoia. It was 1997 and I was in Atlanta. I had a home office and I operated as a management consultant in the international community. One day I went through my documents and decided to put a large pile of documents to the garbage bin outside So I did it and then went back to my home office room. I saw through the window how one man came, took the garbage bin and emptied it to his pickup truck. How did he know I had just filled this bin? Did they follow me so closely? All kinds of ■■■■ things happen in this world, which made me depressed often and then eventually I started hearing voices, first from the Devil and then other voices. Can they make people to become crazy?

From the white van swiping my garbage bags to the toter full of something to hide, I’ve been on both sides of the trash bin.
I find what one throws out much more revealing than what one keeps.