"stop complaining, don't be a baby"

Voices say that I act like a baby. I need to grow up and stop complaining

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But voices are not a thing one can be used to. How to stop complaining when my mind is mayhem and chaos?


The voices used to talk to me in slang. The voices would be expressing the thought, “You’re pretty cool.,” and they would say, “You’re terrible.” But surely, that’s how my sister spoke to me.

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You have obvious insight to know they are voices - so tell them to bugger off, you should know by now - the more attention you pay them - the more intrusive they willl probably get.

Chill out.


while i don’t make the voices my friends on the other hand i don’t drive myself up a wall to convince myself they aren’t real. i answer them back in my mind.

this keeps me from feeling like i am going under from all the abuse… of the voices included.


The voices found new words to crack into my confidence with doubt, “he ask for it” they say. I said for what do I ask for ? …silence.:neutral_face: I leave the guessing to my darkest fantasies.

Anyways, the weed opens channels (portals) in your brain, and hopefully the voices want to work me out and learn english. Somehow they use my emotion. They know blib,blob,blub and so am I.

I went through something similar in Germany, when the voices wanted to learn German.
I should have gone to China. I would known “the capital I II III” by Karl Marx backwards in Chinese by now.

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