Stigma with mental health

Being dx with schiz 10 years ago and then told it could be bipolar or anxiety but in all that self acceptance has been hard … i beat myself over things because of my mental health … i feel people judging me … but the reality of it has always been I’m my worst enemy I’ve probably been my worst stigmatiser

Time to be kinder … to myself…


I agree with this. I’m hard on myself at times.

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I am kind of in the same boat as you and I think a lot of it comes down to is, what I think about myself is due to what I think other people think of me. I still have the mindset that people are not going to give you a chance. Hopefully I can learn to be more optimistic on that though.

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We need to be so much more kinder to ourselves… i also feel others feel the same way about me as I do and its difficult not to sometimes even though they probably don’t spend so much energy hating me … they probably don’t even think about me rhat much lol I can’t shake the feeling though

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I get stigma all the time. I just tell them to fck off. They always give you that sh!t-eating grin whilst trying to rinse you for money.

I had to remind a polish bloke that screamed racism cos he was in the uk, yet was quite happy to call me a nutter. It works both ways.

Just ignore them. In my case they are just jealous cos im on a good income and a secure flat for life, whilst they are dossing in shite houses - eating pasta cos they done all there money on weed.

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