Staying up tonight...thinking of painting maybe

Since I will be doing an all nighter just for fun, I could paint but that would entail the stress of painting and I just don’t feel like it as of yet…I might, I might not…no big deal, I just got done painting a few days ago…I aim to do one or two paintings a month to stay on schedule…who’s up and who wants to talk?


Making art is always a good idea.


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I can be lazy all night or I can paint…hmmm…I think I will be lazy…haha

Why the all nighter? I’m up because I’m not sleeping well, lately.

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i just do this sometimes…I will probably crash around noon tomorrow and take a nap…want to run errands early in the morning and usually I don’t wake up early so this will allow me to run errands while it’s cool.

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