Started invega trinza today

So far so good I lifted weights today for twenty minutes feel tired though but I think it’s cause I got injection today for first time

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Good luck with invega.
I was on it, but didnt go well.
Today I’m having my haldol shot

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Thanks @Om_Sadasiva yeah I was on susstina for a year and 4 months good luck with the hadol

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İ was sustenna for 4 years and trinza for nearly one s good drug but not for everybody.if you are severe cases like me it improved your life quality drastically


Should I go on xeplion? Its the same as invega sustenna

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İ wouldn t recommend for better to stay on Abilify

Why not? I could wean off clozapine

Because its really strong meds and very hard to adapt.

But clozapine is stronger and I’m on it

No i used clozapine.its partial antagonist.xeplion both full dopamine antagonist and serotonin i don t recomended unless you are severe deficit at your brain like brain really …cked up that s why i m using it

why do people say that clozapine is a last resort drug then

They called last resort because its really old drug.long time ago it was really effective drug.but i think invega most effective drug now.its really strong and effective drug.its more effective than clozapine.but i wouldn t recommend unless you are severe cases.if you manage your symptoms at abilify stay on that.invega stopped all my positive and negative symptoms though

Should i stop meds then

İ didn t said anything like that.i said you should stay on abilify if you manage your symptoms.invega really hard to adapt.very strong medicine.

i’m still paranoid so i want to change meds

İ think we hi jacked the topic.sorry.but if you think you need strong medicine you can try invega but you need give lot of time to adapt because its really terrible drug in the beginning.but 3 or 4 years later all side effects finishing.and you get rid of all positive and negative symptoms.

i think quitting the meds is the best option

İ don t want to quit meds.i m fine atm.i was already like a zombie before meds.i wasnt enjoy anything ,i was in bed all the time.couldn t read.couldn t work.i mean my situation were really severe.thats why it was best option for me.if i die i won t any regret anything because i was already like dead without medicine.i accomplish lot of achievement.won the disability exam ,worked,read at least 6000 hours.go exercises go to swim.married again.i mean i gained lot of things with medicines.

In what dose are you on @thesickguy ?

good luck with the invega trinza!

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