Star Wars jacket expected to fetch £1m


I mean, I’m not bitter or anything, but 1 million pound for a jacket.

Come on, man.

Where does logic become involved in this, if at all

my pdoc I had out in Phoenix when I was still married had movie signed posters framed all over his office and he always went to the studios and made friends with the stars. @unique people that collect that stuff think it’s something to possess. just for show…the rich live life styles we poor don’t know how to fathom…like my retired doctor dad. rich rich rich…I will never see a penny of that money from him…long story…I’m rambling…

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If I had the coin I’d invest in art. These day memorablilia is a similar thing if you have money. As with anything it can be a volatile market and you can do a lot of money really quickly but that is the name of the game.

It’s easy to make money when you have it. Money opens up opportunities in our society that most don’t have!


If I too could train a jacket to fetch me some money, I would be a happy man.


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