SSDI cuts next year

Republicans will use this issue to divide the country next year on the campaign trail since retirement

benefits fund disability and they call this stealing from one program to fund the other. Seems to me Gingrich did this back in the 90s and they were soundly defeated.

  1. Where the story comes from: © 2015, The Heritage Foundation - Conservative policy research since 1973 (see the bottom of the web page). A notoriously manipulative, PAC-funded propaganda mill.

  2. The politics of SSDI are like the politics of veterans’ benefits. They transcend party lines so greatly that Congress will be forced to “find a way,” even if they have to raise SS taxes and cut funding on “pork.”

  3. Virtually =no one= I know at the county, state or federal level is fretting about this other than trying to figure out how to raise the debt ceiling or who they’re going to steal the money from… IF they want to keep their elected seats.


Yes thank you @notmoses. I’m not worried I just don’t want to be toyed with.