I receive $1450.00 American dollars monthly from my gov’t and work part time as an UBER driver making roughly $50.00 dollars a day. I will not earn more than $1000.00 dollars a month to avoid compromising my SSDI benefits. I think I can earn a bit more but I’d rather not chance it too closely. I am doing well but I am pretty bored with life in general and feel at times, like my life is done. I don’t have a reason to really live but I have no plans of ending my own life. Is anyone generally happy with their life, feel like they have a purpose or reason to live?


I’m all about raising pets, that’s my thing in life. If I couldn’t have any pets I’d be done.


I’m up and down. My biggest pleasure is not being down. I have good days and bad. I work too but I manage to get out and get some peace. Am I ecstatically happy?. No I am not. I’m struggling but my struggles are broken up by trips to the park, a walk through my neighborhood, a visit to see my family etc. It’s the little things I enjoy. I can look at my present life and get really depressed if I wanted to. But I don’t. I prefer to look at my life and think to myself, " Man I am so lucky and I have a charmed life and I have a lot to be grateful for." Everybodies different and everything is relative. A large number of the population on earth would give their right arm to be in my shoes. This is how I look at life.


We all feel stagnation between the troughs and crests of life. We feel great and low. I think during these times we just need to keep on going. It’s okay when you have everything you can under control and still feel empty. Or like somethings incomplete the feeling of completion is but a temporary fleeting thought. But depression like lying in bed too much is an illness sign that something actively must be done about it. We must remember our diagnosis. And where we best fit in this world. Just let the earth breathe and do your thing.


I can’t even work right now. Meds block my dopamine and I don’t get reward feelings for doing basic tasks so nothing is live for. im not depressed though

If I had income like that driving around I would be happy. I don’t have a job because this catatonic state is a winner.I’m trying to do that. Can I get ssi or something if I havehad traumatic brain injuries? that would change my life compared to now.

Lol, I answered the wrong question!

I feel like my problems/ troubles aren’t super bad - I’ll squeak by but it’s not what I expected to feel or how my life should be at this point in it. I never grew this old before so I have no clue.

seems to me many if not all things change in time and you never know

yes, you can get disability for TBI. Do you have documentation of your traumatic brain injury?

My friend has TBI since she was in a major car accident about a decade ago. The doctors advised her to go on disability, as her medical record showed that she had had to learn how to speak and walk again and had cognitive impairments. She refused, mostly out of misplaced pride (she thinks she’s fine but man she’s got that emotional TBI outbursts, among other cognitive deficits), but the point is she could have gotten disability.

Just expect the worse. I have a medical record a foot high and they denied me because I wasn’t muttering to myself in their office or walking into walls. My DOR counselor encouraged me to get a lawyer and sue. It’s common to get denied, appeal, get denied, get a lawyer, get approved finally.