Squid game

If you haven’t seen it yet watch squid game on Netflix. It’s a great show.


I liked it.

Had a lot of similarities to “Battle Royale”.

But not so similar I’d say they ripped them off.

Squid Game has some unique twists.

I love Korean productions.

My favorite movie of all time is “Oldboy”.

If you liked Squid Game, you should check it out.

Just make sure you watch the original Korean version,

The American remake is an abomination.


Everyone irl is telling me to watch it. I watched 2 episodes but didn’t get hooked idk why, maybe I should try watching it again.

I loved “Oldboy” and “Battle Royal”, which is now up for free on VUDU here yay

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They’re really good movies.

Glad they’re widely available,

Everyone should see them.

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As a Korean, I have watched it and find it a bit triggering on my end due to PTSD, but it is a good show criticizing how money drives the society. Overall, it’s a great show. I just wish I wasn’t triggered by the violence/blood.

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That doesn’t trigger me but horror and supernatural trigger me.

It triggers memories about abuse/bullying for me, so I don’t like to watch violent shows.

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So horror doesn’t trigger you? For me its my sz.

I love these films!


I’m on the first episode. So far I’m enjoying it.

I’ve seen Battle Royale. Haven’t seen Oldboy. Hadn’t heard of it. Sounds like it’s worth watching. The main character in Squid Game is funny. My friend told me about Squid Game about three weeks ago, now it’s all over the place, saw a news segment. It’s already Netflix’s most watched show I think of alltime.

I’m really enjoying this show. I’m on episode 4 and it’s proving to live up to the hype.

Watched Battle Royale, Oldboy, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance and Lady Snow Blood back in the day. Love em.


Is that a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s reference?

I’ve never liked dystopian fiction, just not my thing. I get that it can be an eye opener and a warning, that is why they made us read 1984 in high school, just never been a fan.


I stayed up all night and watched it all in one go. Very entertaining.

I just finished watching the 1st episode, it grabbed my attention for sure. I’m excited to watch more episodes tomorrow. The rest of the tonight i’ll be watching hockey and football.