Song lyrics: If I had an iPhone

If I had an iPhone

Well if I had an iPhone

I guess that’d be really cool

But I gots a $50 Android

And I’m a pennyless fool

But If I want to play some music

I’d have to put it in the cloud

Or connect it to iTunes

So it could play real loud

Well If I had an iPod

and some iFriends too

We’d all go to the iStore

Just To charge something iNew

Saw a lady with her iPhone

Texting In an suv

she tailed my old Kia

And honked her horn at me

Betcha it must be so nice

To be safe, rich and fed

When there’s sure a lot of folks

just so glad they ain’t dead

now we’d ride off into the iSun

And drink a Starbucks latte

til the Ruskies drop a big nuke

On our iU.S. of A.


I gave you a like from my iPhone! :wink:


Maybe I just have iEnvy :smile:


Androids are cool too!


“If I had an iPhone I’d iPhone in the morning
I’d iPhone in the evening all over this land
I’d iPhone danger
I’d iPhone warning
I’d iPhone love between my brothers and my sisters
All over this land.”


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