Song for the depressed

Sweden’s third most famous band? If you enjoy depressing music you’ll orgasm to this.

Thrash vocals! This stuff is repugnant to my ears. Depressing? No! Bloody awful racket if you ask me… :wink:

Very predictable and boring.

If you want to listen to depressing music, try This Mortal Coil. That stuff is pure melancholy.

Listen to some classic black metal bands.
Top quality.

:sweat_smile: So depressingly bad but not depressing enough.
@Om_Sadasiva this is technically black metal, albeit of the depressive suicidal /atmospheric type. They really are a very creative band which have pioneered some interesting musical developments (including some failed jazz metal efforts). But I’m not going to insist, I know your knowledge of metal runs deep.

@labratmat Now seriously, is there any contemporary metal band you like?

I can’t find Mortal Coll on YouTube.

No! I like indie. The Pixies, Radiohead etc.

I hate crappy guitar solos, even Santana bugs me.

And it is “This mortal coil”. remember the ‘This’.

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I hate ‘indie’ except for a few songs by Radiohead and the likes.

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(485) This Mortal Coil - Mr. Somewhere - YouTube

Check out this moody tune and tell me what you think?

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I’m sure they are good but I can’t relate to it at all. But I do like a couple of things by Mazzy Star, maybe we’ll find some common ground there, or perhaps not.

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Yeah, Mazzy Star is awesome.

I like trip hop too with a bit of rap like Ghostpoet, Tricky, Roots Manuva.

Daughter is good, Ruby Haunt, Meursalt, The Joy Formidable, Joy Division, New Order. I love loads of music just not metal. I can manage one album by Smashing Pumpkins but other albums sound too metal to me. (it is those guitar solos :smiley: )

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OK, absolute last chance. Failing this I’ll retire to the desert disguised as a proud widow.

OK, desert widowhood it is. :disappointed_relieved:

Don’t worry you can headbang all you like on the desert island! :smiley:

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I’m a big Johnny Cash fan, I love a lot of his music, many of his songs tell amusing stories, but this song, near the end of his life was depressing…


You wanted depressing…stay with it, it keeps getting better(worse)

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