Sometimes life is an uphill battle


Sometimes the trouble is that if people see me struggling they all but suggest suicide without knowing it maybe. No, let me struggle. I will get through this.


I am pretty sure that life is an up hill battle for most people - SZ or non SZ. We all have our personal issues and hardships. I try to deal with my illness and the symptoms that go along with it,one step at a time. If I try to do too much at once, I will go backwards. Measure yourself Chordy, you are one strong lady - Im sure things will get better for you

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damn right u will chords! and always remember when ur feeling down there will always b somebody here to bring u back up. xxx

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That’s all you need, the will to get through it. Willpower trumps a lot of life’s hills and valleys.


to beautiful chordy,
i think you have to tilt the picture of life a ’ little ', that way you are always kinda going down hill !
take care

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