Something fun to share

My husband saw ‘Monster Mowers’ online one day and decided to build one - its a ‘lifted’ lawn tractor. Then we said, what are we going to do with this?!? So we started entering in parades. It is a lot of fun. He attaches a trailer behind it for me to ride in.

We found out about a Christmas light parade, and I told him I want a gingerbread house. So he constructed one for me to ride in on the trailer! I did all the decorations on it. I think it came out pretty nice!


Looks like fun, so long as it’s safe?!?? Riding along on a trailer! :grimacing:

Here we are in a fall parade. It is at parade speed, no racing, lol! The chair is securely bolted down!


I’m glad you can have fun like that. A lot of us can’t.

I’m a care provider. It is stress relief for me. Parades are fun things - nobody goes to parades to have a bad time, and people will wave at you just because you are in the parade and waving at them. By the end of a parade, my face hurts from smiling at everybody.


That’s brilliant!

i’d share a float with you lol (sorry, we call them floats here or floatilla) haha idk maybe they call them that everywhere