Something about life

I keep suffering. I don’t understand why? but I’m not giving up!!!


It’s good to not give up.

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that is good
keep fighting
always dream

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Good. Because in the long run, giving up is harder than keeping going.


Yeah> @77nick77 is right. Keeping going can be far more fun and it’s not any harder. Keep positive. You stay positive you can never be disappointed. You can do that your always aware and capable of learning and moving forward.

Stuff the haters. Be brave and be positive.


I agree



I grew up in a religious house and attended religious school. My fifth grade teacher used to tell us, Chose joy and life always and be a banner of love and make the negative wallow in their own misery. Her short saying was Love the socks off negatives.

In AA they say practice “an attitude of gratitude”. I practice that.


be strong and do exploits

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