Somebody slashed my tires

Woke up to find my 2 front tires have been slashed.

I have a vague idea of who did it, but I have no proof.

No idea if it was done on property or not, but I’m guessing it was off the property; since the car faces the house, the 2 front tires are more closer to the house so it would make more sense to do it to the back tires.

I think I might have seen these kids I went to high school with hanging out at a house close to where my brother was hanging out; and they slashed the tires when he was inside his boy’s house.

My question is; if 2 of your front tires are slashed; would you feel that something is wrong? Even when the ride is like 3 minutes?

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You should report it to the police.

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Tell you what I’m going to do; fcking install a camera that points out to the neighborhood from my room.

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They Wyze cameras on Amazon are pretty good, actually. Have four of them. They auto upload about 12 seconds of video to a cloud account whenever they detect motion. Also got a pair of Ring doorbells.

Sorry this happened to you.


It’s alright. About the car cams, cant they just break in and steal them?

Edit; just reread your post. Thanks dude.

That totally sucks, I’m so sorry

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I had mine slashed, i suspect the tire company i reported to the better business bureau, they were supposed to send me a refund and never did


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