Some shots on one of my favorite places in the city


We are fighting to preserve this place.

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yet another of my favorite hiking trail. I just love to go up to mountain top and surround myself by the sea of cloud.



Looks very nice, I have never been in Hong Kong, nice to see that there are also something else than those highrise buildings.

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It is basically composed of a few small Islands and a peninsula.

We have lots of mountains. Many people visits our city to hike.



wow, i never knew that about hong kong.
i knew you had mountains but did not realize how beautiful it is.
take care

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I am thinking about hiking again. This is my old target, Phoenix Mountain in Lantau Island.

I want to reach the mountain top one day.

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i love mountains, i live on a small ish mountain range, we are 1280m above sea level it goes up to 1500m.
phoenix mountain sounds cool.
take care

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