Some parents have an intuition about what sex their child will be

My father "knew " I would be a girl and my mother didn’t know what suspicions of infidelity she created by insisting that I’d be a boy. My father didn’t argue = it all made him heartsick.

I had no idea in advance what gender our daughter would be. We were asked during the ultrasound if we wanted to know and we said no thanks. “Healthy” was what we wanted. I’m just fine with having a girl. A boy would probably be more problematic as I’m not the least bit into sports and wouldn’t know how to deal with hockey or baseball. I like having my artsy little nerdlet who likes to bake, draw, and podcast.

I don’t get why gender is such a big deal to many parents. Just be happy you’ve been blessed with a child.


Hmmm something like 51% (male) to 49% (female) chance of getting it right. Although couldn’t get the stats for hermaphrodites. If more parents had intuition of a having a hermaphrodite you’d have a case. But it’s just the odds are high for a male or a female.

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I mostly only centered on boy names when pregnant with my son. I always referred to my pregnancy as him so when the ultrasound confirmed it I was not surprised.

I didn’t drink enough for my daughter’s first ultrasound and the doctor said he thought she was a boy. I told him no that she was a girl.

I agree that healthy is the most important part however it is nice to have some time to gather the more appropriate color cloths and name choices.

My mom was worried about bounding with a boy as she had all girls… She couldn’t have loved my son more.